Video Marketing is a relatively new buzz term. And already means different things do different people.

Since PUNCH! makes a mark in this industry, you've found a bone fide source, and we can likely help you cut to the chase and answer any question you may have.

Video Marketing comes in many degrees of workmanship as well as 'completeness'. While some firms help in one or two areas of marketing (or production), PUNCH! provides turn-key services ... or a la carte as may be needed by clients. With just over 30 years experience, from scriptwriting, casting, directing, shooting, editing, promoting, television segments, commercials, webisodes, webcasts, videos, films, and shows, who better to turn to? No-One, unless you're need to burn six figures in cash, in a real hurry.

While video marketing is still nascent technology, it's consistently proving (and improving) to be a highly effective medium for engaging, educating, and converting your audience. No matter what the product or service video captures prospects attention, drawing them into a lean-in experience which can be viewed over and over, downloaded, rated, posted to websites and blogs, emailed, Tweeted, Facebook posted, etc.

Our proprietary Video Interaction product is suitable for a vastly wide audience and guarantees reach, unlike any other product available.  Oh, sure, there are copy-cats popping up all the time, and chipping away at a piece or two of our ingenuity and technology ... they all lack the full comprehensive picture. Only PUNCH! Agency offers any *money-back* guarantee.  Call us to learn something even more exciting ... exactly what we can do for YOU!  ... and learn just how you can market effectively to your particular audience.


Okay, so if you've read a few of the above mentioned systems, you likely already know that VIDEO is hot and helping to cook up sales across the board. Originally for big budgets television advertising, had been the widest use of the medium ... Not any longer. Video is now cost effective and delivery vehicles are within budget. Delivery systems include trailers before a video playback as in on-line services. Video for a married of marketing uses, public and private hosting and deployment are both easily tracked for viewership and ROI.

We specialize in turn-key multi-media production. Let's chat. Call 813.419.4777.


Okay, we'll open this can of worms. Digital Media is a term tossed around and means something different depending on just whom is using it. For computer storage solutions, to say 'digital media' is typically a means to store files digitally, or to transport or share files, electronically.

For our purposes, "Digital Media" in the world of marketing and promotion, we refer to Digital Media as something visual and often Audio/visual, such as photography and/or audio/video. In this vein, the formats available/used are another set of topics or debates. Suffice to say that at PUNCH! we've worked with them all and have a few of favorites.

Our attention in 2011 turned to HD, Digital and Broadcast Quality, and have designed such a recording studio with all of the 'extras' for even the most demanding of projects. We've built several studios for clients as well. So, just what is chroma-key?

Chroma-Key (Green screen, sometimes Blue screen)
In a professional studio, Chroma-kay is used to record video (with audio), whereby the talent is recorded with a 'green-screen' behind them, which is later digitally replaced with a photograph (or other video) of another image ... other than the green.  The most popular case for Chroma-Key is your daily meteorologist when they give the weather report and point to a map with weather indicators, popping about the map. Also, FOX tv network, strips out (green grass) and replaces with markings during televised football games on broadcast tv.

So, you've seen the results of Chroma-Key, and just may not know that what it was. We have examples here on our site as well.  Rather popular today is a 'walk-on' spokes person, walking onto (or on top of) a website ... a form of a personal "LIVE" spokesperson or model, welcoming you to a page on a website.

At PUNCH! we have access to some of the best, properly lit and managed chroma-key studios in the country. Check out the video below, just to the right of our chroma-key studios.

Studio B

Studio B

Studio 4

Studio 4