The American Advertising Agency Association once, long ago, reported that there were 67,000 agencies qualified to prepare and sell corporate identification. Since that time, and with the ease and speed of use of many computer programs, it seems like everyone is in the business.  However the one bright spot, is that to date (over 30 years) we have only found one client (other than big business) to actually have a proper corporate identity program.

Point of Purchase, Point of Sale, direct mail, sales catalogs, brochures, displays, coupons, take-ones, in-packs, on-packs, near-packs, business cards ... pretty much anything printed with your brand is Marketing Collateral. The internet also provides platforms to be included as Marketing Collateral as well.

Many businesses have a system in place to help guide designers of Marketing Collateral to be consistent in the look and feel and offer of the brand. Usually small businesses are not as well organized, and many mistakes occur, from a variety of reasons. For the vast majority of small and mid-size businesses their Marketing Collateral is the first and sometimes only thing prospects see, to motivate them to make a purchase.  Consistency and continuity should be paramount elements of design.

When you want continuity and proper treatment of your identity, trademarks and brand, call on PUNCH! Agency. Until then, you sister-in-law's next door neighbor's daughters, boyfriend can kick out a logo for a free beer.  Oh, and good luck!

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