Just when you thought you were getting up to speed with Web 2.0, we hit you with 3.0. Ahhh, interactivity, reporting, analytics and most important audience direction, come together. Yep, it's a whole new world on the world wide web. But WAIT!...there's more...introducing WEB 4.0 .... What????

What's the real difference? Think of it this way, much like driving to your nearby shopping center or shopping mall, where you hear the sounds of many people shopping, and are approached by sales persons, asking you questions and directing you to selections that you are seeking ... well, a similar experience can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your favorite seat at home, (with never having to circle for a better parking space). With WEB 3.0, you can select where you want to go, or interact with a selection, instead of having to navigate a traditional one way street on a website, it's now fortified with loads of streets, avenues and short-cuts. The experience allows the visitor to pay-as-you-go, author a script, participate in customizing selections, choose a different ending to a story and a whole bunch more. WEB 3.0 is about designing your experience, your way when you want, and then changing you mind for another outcome. Personalization.

And now Ready-Set-Go...WEB 4.0! AKA UBIQUITOUS WEB, this is more about Linked Data, Semantic agents and semantic wiki's. 4.0 is really not a whole new version, just a new way of using the internet. While 3.0 was more about personalizing your use and marketers pushing advertisements and offers to you (this is still going on) the newer methods are less annoying, and fits a users experience, and in a nice way, limiting the need for big spending by marketers, largely because of choices available now, that silly did not exist months ago. PUNCH! can show you how to pick and choose solutions that are best for you.


Custom Applications

Social Media Gaming

Customer Loyalty Programs

Crowded Events

ePostcards - Auto Responders

DIY Educational series (print and video)

Super Social Media Highways

Chroma-Key Video Production Walk-on website


Motion Graphics

Product Demonstrations

Sales Training

Continuing Education

Jobs / Affiliate Programs

and of course, website Hosting and eMail

Check out just one of the best tricks we pioneered back in 2004,

a single page website, which grants a free google listing!



Okay, so if you've read a few of the above mentioned systems, you likely already know that VIDEO is hot and helping to cook up sales across the board. Originally for big budgets television advertising, had been the widest use of the medium ... Not any longer. Video is now cost effective and delivery vehicles are within budget. Delivery systems include trailers before a video playback as in on-line services. Video for a married of marketing uses, public and private hosting and deployment are both easily tracked for viewership and ROI.

We specialize in turn-key multi-media production. Let's chat. Call 813.419.4777.


Games, Videos, Websites, internet and Social Media Applications. Visit the links to our own proprietary creations.  Have an idea of your own, that you'd like to see fulfilled?  Let's chat. We've been hitting home-runs for our clients for several years with custom applications.  We can help on many levels, from ghost writing to organizing, to fulfillment to just answering some basic questions and steering you in the right direction.  We don't make outrageous claims, we don't have to. Our work speaks for itself. Try some games and applications that we created ... today!


At PUNCH! we design websites, that work ... like the one you're viewing right now. Years ago we pioneered the one page site. It's been fruitful for many clients and very cost effective. And, sure we do the one page programming in house as well. Meanwhile for larger sites and commerce sites, we create the design, flows and platforms, and work with outside programmers and developers (that you approve) to make it right.

Interactive, responsive and intuitive are some of the latest *MUST-HAVE* features in a rich and rewarding site. We'll get it right the first time, in time with the budget you approve. Let's chat.


Okay, we'll open this can of worms. Digital Media is a term tossed around and means something different depending on just whom is using it. For computer storage solutions, to say 'digital media' is typically a means to store files digitally, or to transport or share files, electronically.

For our purposes, "Digital Media" in the world of marketing and promotion, we refer to Digital Media as something visual and often Audio/visual, such as photography and/or audio/video. In this vein, the formats available/used are another set of topics or debates. Suffice to say that at PUNCH! we've worked with them all and have a few of favorites.

Our attention in 2011 turned to HD, Digital and Broadcast Quality, and have designed such a recording studio with all of the 'extras' for even the most demanding of projects. We've built several studios for clients as well. So, just what is chroma-key?

Chroma-Key (Green screen, sometimes Blue screen)

In a professional studio, Chroma-kay is used to record video (with audio), whereby the talent is recorded with a 'green-screen' behind them, which is later digitally replaced with a photograph (or other video) of another image ... other than the green.  The most popular case for Chroma-Key is your daily meteorologist when they give the weather report and point to a map with weather indicators, popping about the map. Also, FOX tv network, strips out (green grass) and replaces with markings during televised football games on broadcast tv.

So, you've seen the results of Chroma-Key, and just may not know that what it was. We have examples here on our site as well.  Rather popular today is a 'walk-on' spokes person, walking onto (or on top of) a website ... a form of a personal "LIVE" spokesperson or model, welcoming you to a page on a website.

At PUNCH! we have access to some of the best, properly lit and managed chroma-key studios in the country. Check out the video below, just to the right of our chroma-key studios.

Studio B

Studio B

Studio 4

Studio 4