Who is PUNCH! Agency?

PUNCH! is a progressive marketing agency. Professionals who work with clients to increase their sales and drive revenue through customized quantitative marketing and business management programs.
Marketing is a science and our expertise is consumer shopping behavior and creating a desire among people to become your loyal customers. We have studied Consumer Shopping Behavior for over 30 years and use this vast understanding to help clients drive positive change in their companies.
Specifically, we help clients exceed their goals by improving decision making, increasing retail sales revenue and maximizing the productivity and well-being
of managers and employees, while enhancing their customer relationships.

What sets PUNCH! Agency apart from the competition?

Knowledge. Experience. Results. Customization. Expertise. Specialization.  Affordable.

The buck stops here. We are the source that actually rolls up our sleeves and does the hands-on work. We tailor every program to fit your needs, so you can target key initiatives and not waste your time and resources on less important issuesor ineffective methods. We are the source for creating ideas that produce measurable returns.

What tools does PUNCH! use to create successful programs?

You’re not going to have lots of people to talk with about this, because there is never a crowd on the leading edge. We’ll recommend a program that may include more than one of the following:

• website marketing automation            • strategic thinking & business mgmnt

• full marketing planning            • engaging customer applications

• HD Video Production: Broadcast - to - Webcast

• loyalty programs - shopper frequency            • visual merchandising

• competitive shopping          • etailing

• social media + affiliate marketing

• new product introductions          • quantifiable advertising

• print to web technology + intelligence

• brand acquisition & disposition          • employee morale programs

• web3.0 utility + SEO + SEM          • email campaigns

• mystery shopping          • so much more.

The ‘ULTIMATE SECRET’ to success ... revealed:

Since many define it by those that make the most money, the ULTIMATE SECRET to achieving and maintaining phenomenal success in any profession, service business or consumer product business from retailers and ad agencies to dentists and restaurants, are those who are the best at marketing and selling themselves -- NOT by performing the actual function or service.  There is a plethora of options available to customers today.

If you are not in front of them with intelligent marketing, you are being overlooked.